Secret Weapon (A song I made. Enjoy, and please tell me your thoughts in the comments)

  • Some times I say I wanna die,
    Some times I just cry,
    Some times I wanna live,
    I dont know what I want to do,
    Deep inside I feel so blue,
    Cuz I'm fucked up,
    Yeah I'm fucked up inside my head,
    All I wanna do is lay in bed,
    ...Why am I so fucked up in the head?

    Sometimes I feel like I'm a mistake,
    But the ony mistake I made was overrating you,
    You thought,
    You could mess me up,
    Throw me off track and fuck me up,
    Thought I was gonna die so soon,
    Well I got a little message for you,
    I ain't goin any time soon,
    Because I got a secret weapon,
    And it's comin for you!

    Yes you made me fucked up in the head,
    But I guess I should thank you,
    If it wasn't for you,
    I wouldn't have found the people I love like a family,
    So A,
    You were never my family,
    You're a big nuisance to me,
    You've been holding me back,
    But nah,
    That's not how it's gonna work!
    So take those fake apologies,
    And shove them up your ass!
    Just so ya know,
    I know you ain't got no class!
    (This song is aimed twards my irl sister btw XD)

  • Why do I feel embarrassed about this song-

  • amazing just amazing!!!! -loud claping-

  • i can relate!! XD


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