A Cult Fantasy (Season 2 Episode 3 Taylor and Mara's tale)

  • Weebapocalypse

    12 y/o Taylor: *blasting music through her headphones to drown out the yelling coming from the living room *

    12 y/o Mara: *sighs *

    *in the living room theres a loud argument between their dad and obbie *

    *a few days later *

    Obbie: Ugh!!!!! You two are such narcissists!!! You two only care for yourselves!!

    Mara: *just walks away and goes to her and taylors room and plays with her knife *

    Taylor: The only narcissist here is you! You're a spoiled little brat who gives 0 respect to anyone!!!

    *after about 20 minutes *

    Obbie: Go and do your voodoo witchcraft or whatever!

    Taylor: I will.. *she goes to her and maras room and sits down at her desk *

    Mara: Taylor, what are you planning?

    Taylor: *she smiles deviously and begins to make a potion * Youll seeee~!

    *the next day *

    Taylor: Here, let me make your coffee for you!

    Obbie: Um ok then..

    Taylor: *she ges to the kitchen and takes a small plastic vile out of her pocket with a clear lethal potion in it and pours it in * hehehe...

    Mara: *she notices and smiles in a creepy way *

    Taylor: *she goes to the living room and gives it to her * Here! Drink up~!

    Obbie: *she takes a sip * this tastes different...

    Mara: How about you take another sip and see?

    Obbie: *she drinks the rest of the cup and she falls on the floor coughing *

    Taylor: *she smiles *

    Obbie: *she starts to cough up blood *

    Mara: *she takes her knife and stabs obbie a few times killing her *

    Taylor: *she goes to her room and grabs her teddy bear and walks out the door *

    Mara: *she followed her * If we climb the fence into the cemetery we could leave

    *they did that and once they entered the cemetery they both fainted *

  • Weebapocalypse

    @Frisk Ah shit ya blew meh cover

    DEJAVU *runs away *

  • @GladionGaming i know because my oc's are part of it

  • Weebapocalypse

    @GladionGaming That's a secret no one will know, and I will not give spoilers of what happens next so you shall have to wait till episode 4 of season 2 to see what happens next

  • Warrior of light

    Why'd they faint as they reached the cemetery?


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