Awaken The Light Episode 3 The fated event

  • *at the festival *

    Taylor: *is behind a tree watching Jake *

    Kallison: Why are you stalking that boy..?

    Taylor: AHH! *turns around * HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN THERE?!?!

    Kallison: 5 seconds

    *a few oni purple butterflies land close to the castle *

    Blaze: the fuck..?

    *a eerie male with a black cloak goes into the castle *

    Jmc: *tries to stop him * Hey! You can't go in there sir!

    Male: ...*uses dark magic to get jmc off of him and walks into the throne room *

    (Oh shit it's about to go down)

    King(I forgot his name ;-;): ...?! Who are you?! *he grabs his trident and immediately gets up *

    Male: *he taks off the hood *

    King: Cain?! I...thought you were exiled!

    Cain: Ha, you seriously thought that would stop me from taking what I want?

    King: I'm not giving you my kingdom Cain!! Leave now and never come back, or face execution! (Idk if I spelled that right XD)

    Cain: *he draws his claymore * And what makes you think that you can stop me?

    King: Leave now Cain!

    Queen: *she walked in with a plate of cookies and she drops them when she saw Cain *

    Cain: ...Give me your kingdom or the queen, your son, and everyone else in this kingdom will die

    King: You wouldn't

    Cain: Yes, I would *he stabbed the king in the heart and slashed the queens head off *

    Rei: *was watching and watch crying * ....

    Cain: *he didnt see Rei and disappeared but summoned monsters to the festival before he left *

    Scarlet(I made her a guard too :3): Huh?!?! *she began slashing some with her sword *

    Jmc: *he does the same *

    ???: *the female walks into the castle to see if any monsters got in *

    No I'm not sorry XD

  • @Anna-chan np! i got a thing for when people spell wrongly. i just gotta tell them!! i cant help it...

  • @IHateMyLife Thanks, I forgot how to spell it lol

  • @Anna-chan execution is spelt wrong. XD
    i just had to tell u