Ready As I'll Ever Be || Awaken The Light Version

  • Andrew: Any moment now....Believe me I know, I've sunk pretty low, but whatever I've done you deserve..(Next time I won't eat the last doughnut sheesh)

    Taylor: Andrew-

    Andrew: Quiet! (Bitch I'ma slap the shit outta you if you don't shut the fuck up) I'm the bad guy, that's fine, It's no fault of mine, and justice can finally be served

    Taylor: Listen to me for a goddamn second!-

    Andrew: It's time to stand up, or it's time to stand down, there's only one answer for me, and I'll stand up and fight because I know that I'm right! I'm ready! I'm ready! (Bish is you spongebob?) I'm ready! Ready as I'll ever be!

    *Meanwhile with the otherssss *

    Anna: Now it's time to rise up, or it's time to stand down! The answer is easy to see...And I swear by my life, I will defend what's right! Are you ready?!

    Everyone else who was there: We're ready! We're ready! We're ready!

    Anna: Ready as I'll ever be!

    Rei: Are you sure you can do this..?

    Anna: United we will set this kingdom free!!

    (Andrew: I'll make them hear me!)

    Anna: You can trust me! We'll save this kingdom, and their families!

    Chorus: Now the rides through the sand! The moments at hand!

    Rei: I'm ready!

    Anna: I'm ready!

    Taylor: *mumbles * I'm ready..

    Andrew: Ready as I'll ever be...

  • i wanna do a remake of this but with FLDD characters

  • @Red-Eye Meh too

  • I love this sonnnng

  • Andrew is not a bad guy, he was being controled by something that no one will know juuust yet


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