Teen Idle (Tae and Alastor)

  • At school

    Tae: *sighs and looks at her older sister *

    Tae's mind: I wanna be a bottle blonde, i dunno why but I feel conned...I wanna be an idle teen

    Tae: *mumbles * I wish I wasn't so clean

    At Alastors house

    Alastor: *in his bed room * I wanna stay inside all day, I want the world to go away...I want blood, guts, and a chocolate cake I don't wanna be a real fake!

    **Back at school but in the girls bathroom *

    Tae: *looks at herself in the mirror * Yeah I wish I'd been...I wish I was a teen idle, I wish I was a prom queen fighting for my title!


    14 Y/O Tae: *burning her bible and cross *

    (She's 17 now)

    Tae: Instead of being 14 and burning up my Bible!!! Feeling super f*cking suicidal! *punches the mirror making her knuckles bleed *

    Back with Alastor

    Alastor: The wasted years...My wasted youth, they're pretty lies, my ugly truth...

    Both: And the day has come where I have died! Only to find I've come alive!

    The end (sorry this was short)

  • @I-love-fish guess who Alastor is based off of

  • indeed, good but scary

  • well this was scary


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