Why is it cursed at near the end of the gaaaaaaame?!

  • Yesterday i just got wrecked by a flippin bonewalker that was at low health in Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia. AND YET I ALREADY BEAT THAT FIGHT WITH THE SAME STRATEGY! and a few months ago i was defeated by a mogall just because Duma used his freaking earthquake at low health! BOTH TIMES Alm was defeated! I really need help, because even if Alm were to get better defence it wouldn't help when against what i like to call the 3 trials, because i have to use my resources to cure Alm's fatigue AND to heal him... any ideas about how to not get Alm wrecked by a mogall or a bonewalker again??? apart from boosting defence?

  • i only need a tactic


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