Five Lives Don't Die (Episode 5 War Time)

  • Moon: *walks off *

    about an hour later

    Stary: Sissssy Moon! *Hugs her *

    Moon: *pushes her off * Get off of me

    Stary: Aww whyyyy?

    Moon: Because! I know what you want and once again no!

    Stary: cmon sis! join me!

    Moon: no!

    Stary: theres cutiesssss

    Moon: once again no!

    Stary: *jumps on moon *

    Moon: *rolls over to were shes on top and she pulls out a knife *

    Kiyama: *walks by and looks at them * am i interrupting something?

    Stary: oOoOooooh! *gets out from under moo and runs to kiyama getting very close *

    Kiyama: ..youre too close *pushes her off *

    Moon: *laughs *

    Kiyama: freaking creep *walks off *

    *time skip to the next day *

    Alex: Hey! Lady!

    Kiyama: oh um hi

    Alex: I never got your name yesterday, what is it?

    Kiyama: Kiyama, you?

    Alex: Alex

    Kiyama: oh, nice

    Alex: you put up one heluva fight the other day yknow

    Kiyama: heh you too

    Voice: Attention all users! Attention all users!

    Kiyama: wha- i know this voice..

    Alex: oh sh*t

    Voice: The tournament to see what group will rule this world has begun, you all get five lives. Blue Team and Red Team, get your weapons, gear, and whatever else you need. I wish you all good luck.

    Kiyama: w-what did that voice mean?

    Skie: *runs to Kiyama and Blaze * We gotta go! Follow me!

    Kiyama: y-yes ma'am

    Alex: okeh *turns into a black kitten and gets in Kiyamas bag *

    Kiyama: ok that was cute as f*ck

    Skie: Yeah, no time we gotta run *grabs Kiyama's and and runs *

    Kiyama: *runs also *

    End of Episode 5

  • @Glitch-Faux whats her personality like? im going to add her on the blue team (the good guys, the red team is the bad guys)

  • Breaksoul studios

    also i can write her pov on the war if ya wanna

  • Breaksoul studios

    hey mind if i add a charatcher in this her names meno she has pale skin and black hair that fades to white usally wears a black and red kitsune mask her main weapon is a dessert eagle. shes a les. she wears dark camo mainly with her mask. you can decide if shes on the gangs side or not and how they react

  • @I-love-fish thanks fishey :3

  • Really good!

  • oh shit suspense


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