The Bully (Fishie and Friends)(Episode One)

  • Fishie moves to his new home, in sandy suburbs. "Ah, friendship awaits in this new place" fishie says to himselfas his parents finish boring house stuff.
    "Hey mom, I'm gonna go check out the neighborhood" fishie says exitedly.
    "Ok Fishie, be back by dark" fishie's mom/anna responds.
    "Ok mom!
    Fishie walks down the street looking for neighborhood kids to play with. Fishie wonders why nobody is around. Fishie feels something breathing down his neck. "This is fine, completely fine." fishie assures himself.
    ???: "Unsame"
    ???: "You shouldn't care"
    Fishie now knows why nobody is around, it's this character who seems to completely tower over him.
    Fishie: "Why?"
    ???: "I will bust your brains out if you dont give me all your money"
    Fishie: "I dont carry money.... soooooooooo"
    ???: "Fine. I guess I should give you my name before I kill you, I am Megaladon and if you don't remember my name you are going to die a pitiful death" megaladon shouts as he grabs fishie the collar of his shirt.
    Fishie: "W-Well, I'm F-F-Fishie, I-I recently moved here a-and I already want to get out of here."
    Megaladon: "That would lengthen your life" he says as he drops fishie.
    Fishie: "I-I wish I didn't have that instinct."
    Megaladon: "Cool, should I care?"
    Fishie: "N-Not r-really"
    Megaladon: "Ugh you're wasting my time with useless monologues" he says as he gives fishie a gut punch.
    Fishie: "Owwww"
    Megaladon: "Freaking weakling"
    Fishie: "Who are you calling a weakling?"
    Megaladon: "You, stupid"
    Fishie tries to punch Megaladon, but to no avail; It doesn't even move Megaladon a inch. Megaladon begins to laugh haughtily. "You thought you could actually hit me?!" Megaladon begins to cruely choke fishie. Megaladon continues to punch and hurt fishie until it gets boring.

    Megaladon: "Well, I have to go, so just remember my existence" he picks up fishie and throws him at the ground before saying: "I'll be back to finish you later."
    Fishie: "Disgusting scum" fishie mutters as soon as he's out of hearing range.
    Fishie begins to walk home, disgusted and covered in bruises. Until he stumbles upon a lionfish on a bike.
    To be continued in episode two

  • Nuuuu meh son! dont hurt meh sonnn!

  • Yeah sorry its kinda cruel to fishie, he'll live though.

  • Sorry it was short, but pls give me feedback


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