Kindness... and Crushes? (Fishie and Friends)(Episode Two)(Part One of Two)

  • "Are you ok?!?!" A attractive green Lionfish asks.
    "Not really, I just met Megaladon." Fishie winces in pain.
    "Sorry, he isnt quite the nicest- here let me get some ice" The fish enters into a home. "Ugh why is Megaladon like that? I did nothing to him." Fishie says to himself. "I'm back." Traux hands Fishie some ice. "Thanks."
    "No problem, What's your name?"
    "Nice to meet you Fishie, I'm Traux" Traux shakes Fishie's hand.
    "I haven't seen you yet, are you new here?" Traux asks.
    "Well, not everybody is like Megaladon- thankfully"
    "You seem nice, wanna play hide and seek?" Traux asks.
    "Uhhh sure"
    "Ok! Not it!... Well I guess you're it... Count to ten!"
    Fishie closes his eyes."Alright"
    "Ten! Ready or not, here I come!"
    Fishie begins to look for Traux...
    Fishie decides to look around the front yard, he tries looking inside... a hollow tree? The tree had something odd about it... it had few branches and was obviously dead. The hole itself wasn't natural, it seemed to be burnt and then dug out. "Whatever, I'll investigate this later" Fishie thought to himself.
    5 minutes of searching later
    "Where is this fish?! She's green for the Pacific's sake!" Fishie says to himself. Maybe she's in the backyard?

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