Five Lives Don't Die Episode 9 (Shi Vs. ??? Pt 2/3)

  • Shi: ?!?! H-how d-do you k-know my name?

    ???: Why Daniel...It's me, Darel.

    Shi: 0,0 W-what?!

    ???: But...My name here is..Kuro.

    Shi: W-why did you attack me?

    Kuro: Well, after all we are on opposite teams, aren't we? And frankly..I want that crown.

    Shi: Well...To be honest I don't want to fight you..

    *everything becomes covered in light blue ice *

    Shi: But..If it's a fight you're wanting, then I guess it's a fight you'll get

    Kuro: *draws a black broad sword *

    Shi: *sighs and draws a silver broad sword *

    Kuro: *charges at him and tries to stab him *

    Shi: *evades *

    Kuro: Tch, aren't you going to fight?!

    Shi: I don't want to hurt you..

    Kuro: Then I'll hurt you

    Shi: *sigh * I'm sorry about this.. *runs off *

    Kuro: *tries to catch up with him but slips * Nng...*throws a shock wave bomb at him *

    Shi: ?!?!

    *The bomb goes off and shoots shi into abuilding and he gets knocked out *

    Shi's HP: 50/2,500

    Kuro: *goes to him and is about to slash him *

    Kiyama: *is running in an attempt to find Shi and sees them * ...?!?!

    Kuro: *sees Kiyama * Oh look, a comrade of his..

    Kiyama: *begins shaking and a tear goes down her eye as she draws a loaded antique rife * Step..away..from!

    Kuro: With that old thing I don't thing I don't think you can shoot m-

    Kiyama: *shoots him 3 times in the chest and once in the head *

    Shi: *still knocked out and is bleeding from the head and back *

    Kiyama: *picks him up on her pack then carries him back to the base *

  • @Kuno No I didn't, I used Kuro. A name of an oc I made.

  • You put my name in there

  • @Charles-Darnay Er...Yes, true

  • @Siren_E and shi falls under both

  • @Siren_E she aint gonna kill a main character, or a love intrest.

  • @Siren_E the world may never know until episode 10

  • o shit is shi ded?

  • Nice!


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