Fun to leak shit

  • Fishie drives home after a long day of work; he loves seeing his oh-so-beautiful demon after a hard day of work. He values their time together more than... pretty much anything. "Oh, I hope she got my text about the party tonight" Fishie said to himself.

    Fishie goes into their home happily. "Hey honey, I'm home !" he shouts.

    " I see" Bloodlust responds from her room.

    "Well... did you get my text?" Fishie asks as he enters their room.

    "No, I don't think so... sorry" Bloodlust responds as she turns around with her large breasts jiggling.

    "O-oh y-you're shirtless" Fishie says as he looks away.

    Bloodlust approaches Fishie and begins to hug his neck from behind, making him feel her her tender boobs on his back.

    "U-uhhh c-could you g-get a shirt?" Fishie stammers as he tries to calm himself.

    "No." Bloodlust whispers.

    " I-I'm sorry, but w-we n-need to get ready. " Fishie says.

    "Fine." Bloodlust snaps back.

    "I-I'll go get ready, the party is in an hour and a half." Fishie says flusteredly.

    "I'll be ready in a hour, just for you, okay?" Bloodlust says.

    " Thanks" Fishie responds.

    • 2 hours pass *

    "Are you ready yet?! We're running late!" Fishie shouts anxiously.

    "Not quite sweetie~!" Bloodlust sweetly responds.

    "What is taking so lo- oh" Fishie sees Bloodlust's clothing tossed around the room.

    "I-I'm sorry I'm taking so long" Bloodlust stammers as she searches for a good outfit.

    "Hey, it's okay" Fishie responds as he begins to massage Bloodlust's tired shoulders.

    "I-I just wanted to impress you..." Bloodlust's voice trails off.

    " You do impress me" Fishie whispers as he kisses Bloodlust's neck.

    "Really?" Bloodlust asks.

    " Of course, you impress me more than anything in this life. Everything about you impresses me. " Fishie says as he promptly hugs Bloodlust.

    "Well, we don't want to be late..." Bloodlust tries to escape fishie's hug.

    " I don't think we should care about the party. " fishie responds while holding his hands around her waist.

    "I think you're right" she says as she turns to face him.

    Fishie moves to the edge of the bed as Bloodlust sits in his

    "Oooh what's this?" Bloodlust notices fishie's buldge.

    " Heh heh, Seems like somebody wants a good time, eh? " Bloodlust says as she fiddles his erection through his pants.

    "Well lets gets started." She says as she hastily tears off Fishie's pants revealing a obscenely large cock. "Wow you're a big boy, aren't you?"

    " Ummm I-I guess" Fishie awkwardly stammers.

    To Fishie's pleasurable delight, Bloodlust began to undress her beautiful body. "Well, you ready?" Bloodlust asks confidently.

    "Yeah... I am ready." Fishie  responds to Bloodlust. Fishie goes to sit on the couch instead of the bed.

    "Ha Ha" Bloodlust laughs as she begins to insert fishie's long dick into her demonic pussy. Bloodlust slowly begins to go up and down gaining speed quicker and quicker. Each second the room got more and more humid, pleasure releasing from the seams.

    "aaaaahhhaaaaggh" bloodlust moans as she orgasms, covering fishie's ballsack in a thin layer of white fluid.

    The pressure is too much; Fishie cums deep in bloodlust's vagina. "Whooo" fishie regains his breath.

    Bloodlust hugs fishie, with his dick now laying flat on the couch. "That was fun..." fishie states.

    " Yeah... it was... " Bloodlust moves closer to fishie, her exposed breasts touching his shirtless chest.

    They were equal in iniquity... and they were happy about it. a

    This was a fanfic made by:

    ~FishieFriend of the MNX/32k

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  • why is this on here? I didn't expect this site to be a wattpad rip off...

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    HO FIGHTSSSSSS (btw, glitch you aint a ho, dont kill me)


    *gets camera *

  • @Z And I do admit to making this...

  • @Z technically this was made before you were on the scene-

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    Fishies real waifu is wondering why there’s smutt about his demon waifu at all

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    @Z Looks like a fanfic

  • Breaksoul studios

    Wtf is this even

  • @Galaxy U-uhh i-it is

  • this is weird

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    welp im scarred for life

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