Vol. 2 [No Title]

  • Hi! Tracy here again! Today I have a topic that's been buzzing for a while. KILLER, COOL GUY, Scarlet Silver, and Maryam! I have been researching this topic alot, and this is what I've got. So, Scarlet and Maryam are two sisters from England, and soon came KILLER, but on his very first account named DARK LIFE. Not even 24 hours in he said he had a crush on Scarlet, which was weird. Then few days later he claimed to be with Maryam, interesting, yet suspicious. Now, the thing that confuses me is, I looked at COOL GUY'S face picture and I ended up finding the image on Google...So it makes me wonder if it's a real person or not...Same with KILLER'S pictures! I can't confirm if they're real or not, and I know this topic was covered before but I wanted to leave my theory here anyways. I want your opinion on this too, if you have one. That's it for today, Byeeeee! (Sorry about lack of title!)

  • omg i found the same cool guy pic i think