Fun to leak shit 2

  • I don't wanna do shit anymore
    Life's become a snore
    Everyone says there's more to life
    Than work and a knife

    I worked 10.4 hours the other day
    I think I'm losing purpose
    I want someone to visit me
    and come and stay
    I wanna hear their voice till I'm happy

    Agony, It's what empowers me.
    The pain keeps my train on tye tracks
    But I don't get anything new
    I just wanna see loveable face, and touch it
    But, there are no smiles to see...
    Only sad frowns because of me.

    I'm just left alone...
    Whenever I attempt comedy,
    I get a stern look.
    My happiness is completely broke

    I've lost all motivation,
    I've become carnate procrastination
    I am the weakest connection
    I yearn to die where I stand.

    I need a fatal accident.
    This should be destiny.
    I'm just a dumbass bitch
    Who should have never lived.

    So... I am commiting death.
    I am soon gonna breathe my final breath
    I haven't drank a liquid in three days
    This is a fucking mess

    I used to think I was a good kid.
    But then, I woke up.
    To find out, Satan had made his bid.
    These lies I tell myself, like, "I'm good enough"
    But I found out, I AM A FUCKING FAILURE

    It would be a sin to live another second.
    It would be wrong to die without pain.
    So, I didn't bring a drink.
    Thirst isn't bested.

    I don't slash, burn, or electrocute anymore
    I stab.
    So I die more with each ounce of gore.
    With Dehydrated hallucinations, I know I'm at death's door

    Every second, the more I want water.
    But my willpower is greater.
    I'll use my death now, and save my life for later.
    I feel like a damn gladiator.

    My speech is damn static
    Voice more raspy than am radio
    The pain is fucking traumatic
    So I punched my throat till I didn't feel it

    Forget having soul
    I've made death my goal
    My world has become based by null

    My devastation is based my mental decimation
    I used to be one of search and destruction
    But now I'm being sent to my final destination

    Many have cried to my pounding fist
    But "live by the sword, die by the sword"
    The children gonna ask "Why did he hit himself?"
    The answer was, because he had no emotional wealth.

    So, I'm gonna kill myself.
    I see a elephant,
    I wish I knew why.
    But, I wish my final goodbye.

    ~FishieFriend of the MNX/32k

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