So, about my future art and ways to contact me after this site gets it's throat slit for the sins we've commited here

  • (No I'm not sorry for the title)

    My 3DS decided to go black screen and I can't seem to fix it. So until I can get another digital art tool, any art including FLDD art will be done with pencil, pen, and paper. This will probably last until the site shuts down and I move to my other socials mostly, until my birthday, hopefully I'll get a device such as a phone or pen so then I can do digital art again, and then I'll be kinda more active on Discord, but once again only at night, and if I can get a Nintendo Switch Lite without parental controls I can be messaged on warface as AnnaDemon666 and on Dauntless as Chara_12208. I might redownload Fortnite on there but honestly I just haven't really seen any true interest in it anymore. Also, my other kinda active social medias are...(Listed by activeness)

    Instagram: annabelle_natsuki

    Discord: Weebapocalypse (I'll have to get the # thing later)

    Twitter: WeebapocalypseUwU

    Tumblr: KillSleepDieRepeat (To show how freaking old and dead it is-)

    Reddit: N.A Currently

    Switch friend code: Me can't have switch friends, sorry

    Pokemon Cafe: ♥AnnaChan♥ (Friend code is unavailable currently)

  • k twitter and tumblr wont let me in soooo i gotta make new ones

  • @LilacNight Ah...

  • @Anna-chan yus i found this site after messing around with the menu yesterday

  • @LilacNight Yeah...You new?

  • aaah this site's getting shut down?!

  • what

  • NOTE: Black screen on a 3ds is when you turn it on but only the blue led and the yellow led (if you use it) comes on, and the screen is completely black. I tried the button combo scheme thing, but whenever the update it told me to do was finished, it just went back to black screen and it did completely nothing. I heard that messing with the mother board would fix it, but I don't know how to do that, plus I don't have a Philips-head screw driver to disassemble my 3ds.

  • ill try to make a twitter, but I made my own post of social media

  • colossal oof