A funny glitch hard to execute

  • You can walk out of bounds if you walk backwards when the game is laggy when somebody walks to the next level (Co-op quest mode)
    There are 2 versions: The easiest version and the hardest version
    Easiest version: Just walk to the left when the game is laggy, it always works, but you can only walk in the another section
    Hardest (and funniest) version: I'm not sure how I did it once, but you have to do it very precisely, these are the steps: Try to make the easiest version, but with a slow character or calculating the angle at which you walk, then, if you stay floating in the air, it means that it has worked, now walk up or down (I recommend walking up) and if you do not fall back to the normal stage, you will be out of bounds, you will be able to walk infinitely in the background (sorry, my English is very bad XD)
    I saved a video when i almost replicated it with Bloody Mary, but i failed


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