Warface clan recruitng

  • my fc on nintendo switch is 6353-0465-9805
    my alt is 2522-0327-3234

    should you be playing warface for the first time clan's will not be available untill you reach lv. 10 and you will not beable to meet me in battle via pvp untill lv 15
    it's ideal for you to turn off gryo control's.
    understand that this game is different from other fps's in some way's now heres some info and tip's

    1. do not waste kredits(something you buy with real money) on random boxes
    2. DO save your resurrection tokens up.(you can buy these with kredits but you get two per day for free but can only save up to ten unless you have ten atThe time of the extra two you get during the daliy rewardsnote if you miss a day you don't get the reward for that day
    3. Save your ingame money (don't buy special mission tokens you get ten per day but and they refill) what i mean is that you shouldn't be pending money on gear repairs alot if you make less money the it cost to repair the item. instead buy a good gun that you would like to use or ask me what the best gun and item's to buy are in a pm here but generally once you find a class that fit's you or you play a lot as buy the warlord chestplate and then maybe save up for one of the guns on the item store
    4. you unlock attachment's guns and armor for free but you do so via a unlock tree you can swap what one you are working on getting but you should evenly unlock everything
      5 you always win in free for all unless you are dead last.
      classes unlock in this order
      assault: this classes job is to supply the squad with ammo should anyone run out they use assault rifles and lmg's they are a necessary class if you play spec ops or pve. unlocked at level 1
      Sed: A walking bullet hose these guys are robots and on ns they only have one weapon so far as they were recnetly added to the game a hmg that unlimited ammo but it will over heat. tip fire in short burst's and don't meleeWhen over heated ) they have auto health regen but they have armor and if that breaks the sed does not regen it nor will it regen it if it's damaged unlocked at lv.1
      Sniper : the long range class. tnough they have many guns to chose from they don't start of with the one hit kill guns but they do alot of damage tho
      engineer: the smg weilding class used by pretty much everyone in free for all due to how fast they kill you when they fire the smg. these guys supply armor to the team. AND revive sed's. also they have claymore's and they are annoying buut they are fun unlock Level 5 or 8
      Medic: these guys ARE VERY DANGEROUS UP CLOSE as they have shot guns .they also have the duty of healing wounded teamates. and practice god by reviveing the dead teamates they are your friends and they use up ammo quicky. also the defibs can kill an hostile lv 5 or 8

  • dis post

  • you missed the april fools event tho

  • one mission you don't get a rocket launcher but you yave to fight a mech

    just stand in the corrner( it has to be a spicfic one) and fire every round of amm you got into it's cockpit

  • @Frisk mostly attack helicopter's. mech's armored cars, tank's 1 battle ship a planet modifying robot bigger the motherfucking downtown manhattan. you know the usual targets

  • @XxSoulless_AnnabellexX you get to do that to other vehicle's but they shoot back tho

  • I blew up a vehicle with a rocket launcher >:3