Not Fire Emblem ( This time its lego)

  • Me: - is playing Lego Jurassic World -
    Enemys: Hunter Max: Hey, I think I can see something through the gate, can you move the spotlight? Hunter Dingus: Well yeah, I know how to move a spotlight, I mean, its basically my only job! Hunter Max: Look, are you gonna move it or not? Dingus: Well, I dunno, I mean, there should be a reason, I'm sure someone will tell me though! Dingus: - to himself - Sheesh, what kind of stupid question is that? I'm not fortune teller. Max: Would I get in trouble if I shot him with a tranquilizer gun?
    Me: No, you'll be doing everybody a favour.

    Lol XD

  • Dingus: - grabs meh - Tell me, what is going on?
    Me: Lego of me (XD) - throws Dingus off cliff into ocean -


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