Info for two new ocs

  • Hoko Tenshi

    He is a 14 year old wolf boy demi human, hes a huge weeb, he has dark blonde hair that slightly covers up his left eye, it is shoulder length, he has emerald green eyes, he usually talks like this: "Hewo!" "Tank chu!" , he always wears a white sweatshirt with the Japanese symbol for smile on the back in black, black ripped skinny jeans, and light gray high tops. he usually really happy and always wanting to explore in the woods, he is a deredere, his favorite color is white, and his favorite hobbies are exploring in the woods, watching anime, and attempting to cook(he blows up the kitchen every time)


    So this is actually Taylor, both of them are the same person its just Taylor is the side that was always seen and marasol was usually never seen, then something happened and they were split apart and so they became two separate people, the begin attending [enter school name here cuz i dont know what im gonna name it] in episode 8. Taylor becomes the leader of the delinquent gang(they only mess with the actual bullies), and Marasol just sticks to herself and doesn't try to make friends. Marasol has dark brown hair the reaches her shoulder blades, bangs that slightly cover up the right side of her face(its always kept in a low pony tail tho so it looks short) dark brown emotionless eyes, she wears black skinny jeans, gray almost black slip ons, a black zip up hoodie (W/ hood on and a strain from her hair showing), and an ominous black ring on her right ring finger. She is often misunderstood, so she doesn't even talk to people. but later she did meet a very nice male named [NAME PRIVATE ME IS WAITING FOR PERMISSION FROM THE ACTUAL OWNER OF THIS OC BEFORE IS USE HIM FOR THIS STORY], they became best friends.

    Welp thats all, I hope you all have wonderful day/night and stay safe! dont get the corona!! wuv chu all! baiiiiii!

  • oh and i forgot to mention zis

    she is a dandere mixed with yandere, her favorite color is black, and her hobbies are unknown