Hello, and small preview of new features!

  • GM

    Hey all!

    I’m Apple Pie, a member of the Dawn of the Breakers Management Team.

    There are some exciting new features currently under development, so I thought I’d give everyone a small preview.

    Small disclaimer: Sorry, the screenshots are still in Japanese at this stage of development and are absolutely subject to change!

    1. “Virtual” Gamepad Function
      A new Virtual Gamepad function is currently under development. I’ve added a preview of the Virtual Gamepad layout below! This control system will added as an alternative to the current touch controls (the current controls will remain an option).

    0_1547808315425_Virtual Gamepad Preview.png

    Skill Features:
    A Skill Button has been added to the virtual gamepad which can be used to perform different skills.
    ・Basic Skill - Tap the Skill Button
    ・Rush Skill - Swipe left or right on the Skill Button
    ・Smash Skill - Swipe up or down on the Skill Button

    The Rush Skill and Smash Skill can also be used via:
    ・Tap the “Skill Button” while moving left or right to activate the “Rush Skill”.
    ・Tap the “Skill Button” while moving up or down to activate the “Smash Skill”.

    Dash can now be performed by tapping the “Dash” button, or by swiping your finger in the direction you wish to move on the virtual gamepad.

    1. Nintendo Switch Account Linking

    We’re sorry for the long wait! Nintendo Switch Account Linking is currently expected to become available within the month (January). Players on the mobile version may connect to their accounts on the Nintendo Switch and of course, Nintendo Switch players will be able to connect to their accounts on mobile devices!

    1. Co-op Quest Matchmaking System Update

    A new system is currently under development for Co-op Quests. The current matchmaking system will be removed and replaced with a lobby to view available rooms.
    Below is a preview of the layout of the planned design for the new system. Please keep in mind that this is currently under development, and as such is subject to change!

    0_1547808365082_Coop Quest Lobby Preview.png

    The following information can be viewed for each room:

    ・Room Owner
    ・Number of players currently in the room
    ・The objective for that room

    That’s all for now! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any feedback or questions!
    As always, thank you for playing Dawn of the Breakers!

    -Apple Pie

  • Hello, Apple Pie!

    Thank you for previewing some future updates. I really like Dawn of the Breakers, and I've been inviting more and more friends to play.

    Congratulations on the great work of the team for providing this wonderful game.

    As a suggestion, I would like to ask for a kind of album to give a collectible tone to the game. This feature could have a database of all the characters and equipment available, so we can see which ones we have, for example. A system of achievements would also be very welcome.

    A big hug from Brazil!

  • English User

    Happy 6 months anniversary, Dawn of the Breakers switch.

    Looking forward to more coop fun.
    Is there still going to be a coop ranking system ? We haven't heared about that in months.

    If we are talking about fights we want, I want a fight against all five of the Vanguard heroes at once. All of them appearing and doing their pose at the same time.

  • Nice can't wait for Switch account linking and the new system for co-op ❤

  • English User

    Awesome! Love the game have since I got the switch! Can’t wait to be able to take that on the go with me via mobile!

  • GM

    @YumakunPhoton Thank you for the feedback!

  • GM

    @Mick-Retzlaff Hey there! The Nintendo Switch Account Linking feature is planned to be released later this month! It is not out yet, and we do not have an official release date to announce at this time. Sorry, I know the wait has been long.

  • Great, I Hope for more Co Op Quest. I Want Fight Bloody Mary with some friends

  • English User

    @Apple-Pie how do we link them? Every time I click link account on my switch it says “this feature cannot be used at this time”.


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