Fnaf the musical (but its hella different, and it has mah friends in it. night 1)

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    Shiro: *watching the cameras *

    phone guy: Hello? Hello? Hello? Hi, I'm phone guy. Pleasure to meet you! I'd like to leave a few quick words...Michelle's friends can be a bit...Active...

    Shiro: Blah blah blah thats completely absurd.

    Nikki: Blaze, Michelle! Time to get ready!

    Michelle: Midnight already?

    Blaze: Time to play

    Michelle: Hey I heard they hired new guy!

    Blaze: And it's his first day!

    Shiro: I'll try out all the cameras to see what hey do. Let's check the animatronics- ...Did one of them just move?! Don't be dumb! That's insane! Look they're standing all the same. Except for one...Could it be...?

    Blaze: *staring at the camera *

    Shiro: Blaze is staring right at me...

    Blaze: *playing with the camera *

    Nikki: Blaze!

    Blaze: Whoops sorry! *he stops but he's hella close *

    Shiro: *terrified scream *

    Blaze: What's that sound?

    Nikki: He appears to be screaming

    Michelle: Yeah no shit sherlock (i changed that part XD)

    Nikki: Let's say hi he seems a bit jumpy!

    Shiro: How do these cameras change? There heading here just t eat me, like juicy fresh fruit! Or they may all stuff me inside a grim reaper suit! SEAL THE DOORS! *shuts da door * HIT THE LIGHTS! *turns on the lights *

    Michelle: Hey, new guy! Are you alright?

    Shiro: Stay away! Leave me be!

    Michelle: Don't be scared! It's only me!

    Nikki: *goes to mah area * Anna are you there? (gurl i be tryna sleep XD)

    Anna: wat?

    Nikki: The new guy's trapped inside!

    Anna: *goes over to da door and is trying to break it down *

    Shiro: *hiding * They're breaking down the door!

    Anna: He sounds so terrified

    Michelle: Hold on Foxie's come to get you!

    Shiro: Is that something in the vent?! *got a broom *

    Foxie: *breaks the vent * Hewoo (just to be clear ths is actually @Yuno-chan foxie is just the kawaii nickname i gave her XD)

    *Music plays * Baby i love youu~! oooh Baby i love youu~! You look so fiiiine~! Baby i love you~! Girl you know you lookin fiine~!

    *something crashes in da kitchen *

    Nikki: Oops...You were right Foxie! The kitchen cameras dead!

    *foxie gets yeeted away *

    Shiro: *Seals the vents *

    Power: 3

    Nikki: You're using too much power!

    Foxie: Yeah! Open up!

    Shiro: *just curled up in a ball crying * why did i get this jooob ;-;

    Power: 2, 1, 0

    *power goes out *

    *10 seconds later *

    Someone: *turns on the lights *

    Shiro: PURPLE GUYYY!

    Someone: Um no I'm Jakobe.

    Shiro: *still crying * are you here to kill me?

    Jakobe: No I'm just here for my morning shift.

    Shiro: Morning shift?


    Shiro: I lived!!! *hugs Jakobe *

    Jakobe: U-uhh yeah ya did buddy....Yeah ya did..Also how are you getting so many hours? You're sceduled for 4 more nights this week.

    Shiro: Huh? ;-;

    Ok so that was night 1 of my version of fnaf the musical the people playing these characters are:

    Jakobe: @Frisk
    Shiro: @Subaru-kun
    Blaze: @SoullessBlaze2000
    Foxie: @Yuno-chan
    Michelle: @Dagrimreaper
    Nikki: @Xx_Nikko-zombieXx_
    Anna: @Anna-Chan (Meh XDD)

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    @Frisk Yep XDDD and i didnt know you actually watched that video/series on yt, and btw you live XD

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