Fnaf the musical night 2 (mah version uwu)

  • 8:00pm (at shiros home)

    Shiro:*grabs many many guns and knives * (damn boi XD)

    *at freddy fazbears pizza *

    Shiro: Something here seems foul...Something here just reeks of blood and suffering...Could it be these halls are echoing...Of death? We'll see. *he grabs a bag of guns and knives and dumps them on the table and he loads an smg * In all my dreams, I see...*he grabs le knife * ...A maze of halls with blood walls *he outs the knife black and grabs mechede * and countless scrawls reminding me: "IT'S ME!" Don't play these games...You've lost your fright! I'm armed with more than ice...(NOT THE DRUG KIND XD) And I'm surviving five nights! No phones, No screens, No more. Just you and me, a gun or three, and nothing else between me and this door! You bring the fur...I'll brung the fight! Hey, freddy Michelle come get a bite! 'Cause I'm surviving five nights!

    Jakobe: *walks in * hey shi-

    Shiro: *shoots hi thinking hes a robot * (NUUUUUUUUUUUUU) huh? your not michelle

    15 minutes later

    Shiro: *being walked out by da po po and trying to explain *

    2 minutes later

    Shiro: *runing and he gets home locks da door and rethinks almost everything *

    That was night 2 of my version of fnaf the musical! if you wanna know who plays who go tl night 1! love you all! baiiii!

  • @Cookie_Aoi Don't worry hes still alive lol

  • I really wouldn't wanna be jakobe rn..