A Cult Fantasy (Episode 9 The Rise and Fall, and The Fox girl?!)

  • Weebapocalypse

    *after class *

    Kuro: *listening to music in the hall way *

    Anna: *goes up to him * K-kuro...I-I need to tell you something!

    Kuro: Uh ok?

    Anna: *she grabs him by his shirt collar and kisses him * I love you

    Kuro: What the hell?! No hell no! *runs *

    Anna: Kuro wait!!! *chases him *

    Kuro: GET AWAY FROM ME!! *runs into the woods *

    Anna: *follows him * S-senpai...

    Kuro: Wh-what the fuck?!

    Anna: Why don't you love me?

    Kuro: Y-you klled N-nioa!

    Anna: W-well...Y-yes I did...B-but I was saving you from that skank!!

    Kuro: You monster...

    Anna: M-monster?! *sighs and pulls out a knife *

    Kuro: w-what are you d-doing?!

    Anna: If I can't have you...*stabs and kills kuro * No one can ...

    Fox girl: ...

    Anna: ?!?! h-how much of that did you see?!

  • Weebapocalypse

    Where kuro dies, that was inspired by the yan sim official snap ending


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