A Cult Fantasy (Episode 10 Skylar)

  • Weebapocalypse

    Fox Girl: Just about everything, you might wanna burn that

    Anna: Why are you helping me?

    Fox Girl: Meh I don't know, by the way my name is Skylar

    Anna: A-annabelle

    Skylar: *picks up the corpse * god this thing is heavy.. *she sets it down *

    Anna: *lights it on fire with blue fire magic * So..Do you go to that school?

    Skylar: I just started going here

    *after the corpse is fully burnt into ashes *

    Anna: *puts the ashes in a bottle and pours it intoa nearby lake * Would you like to come to my house? I think schools over

    Skylar: Uh sure

    *At Anna's house

    Subaru: Hello Anna! Welcome home! Who is this? Is i-

    Anna: She's a friend from school

    Subaru: Well nice to meet you uh...wait whats your name?

    Skylar: Skylar

  • Rei: uhh now that's twice i saw her kill


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