A Cult Fantasy (Episode 11 Secrets of the mountain)

  • Weebapocalypse

    Emery: *huming *

    Starlight: Emery! Emery! I wanna show you something!

    Emery: Oh? *smiles * Sure, what is it?

    Starlight: There's a secret treasure on this mountain!

    Emery: Oooooh! What is it?

    Starlight: No one knows, but I do know that it's extremely valuable!

    *about an hour later *

    Emery: *panting * A...Are you s...sure it's here?

    Starlight: Mhm!

    Mikeala: *Flies in * Helloooo~!

    Emery: Oh, hello Mikeala!

    Starlight: Hai Mikey!

    Mikeala: I ca-

    *a giant monster runs behind Starlight and Emery and attempts to strike them *

    Mikeala: WATCH OUT!

    Starlight: Wait wh- *she gets hit *

    Emery: *evades the attack and draws her broadsword *

    Starlight: n-nng... *she gets up and her staff appears *

    Boss Battle! Emery, Starlight, and Mikeala Vs. Sunshade Dego!

    Sunshade Dego: 12,000 hp

    Emery: 7,000HP

    Starlight: 8,000HP

    Mikeala: 10,000HP

    Sunshade Dego: *targets Mikeala and uses Sunshade Blast *

    Mikeala: *uses counter and counters his attack *

    Emery: *uses Poison Rock Beat *

    Sunshade Dego: *is poisoned and is slowly taking damage and targets starlight then uses Sunshade Slash *

    Starlight: *gets hit then uses heal and her hp goes to max *

    Sp: *maxed *


    All Three: DREAM CATCHER BLAST! *hits the sunshade dego with an beam of light *

    Sunshade Dego: *dead *


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