An idea i had for a new series (acf wont be canceled)

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    Awaken The Light, it will be a series about two girls Kallison, and Taylor. Two very powerful neko sisters, Kallison the neko of good luck and Taylor the neko of bad luck. They both are extremely powerful, Kallison aka Kallie has dark purple hair that was just past shoulder length and it covers up her left eye, hazelish green eyes, and white ears and tail, (she is still in development btw ;-;) and Taylor had blood red hair thats faded with black at the bottom that goes down to her waist and it covers up her right eye, dark brown eyes, and black ears and tail. The two protect a beautiful kingdom ruled by queen Siea and king Haro and one day a mysterious male came and killed the king and queen leaving the kingdom in despair and Kallison and Taylor have to save the kingdom from being drowned in darkness


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