Even Moonbeam Nekos Need To Love!

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    1, 2 , 3, 4,

    5, 6, 8, 10

    Moonbeam Magic class, I'll skip! Another bye, bye!
    15 years old, yet another newbie at this Moonbeam Magic User thing! >.<
    Master, not a single thing makes sense in all this!
    Yes!! Yes!!
    Mother always said this to me,
    "Being a Moonbeam Magic user born Neko means you can't be girly!"
    With that said my younger days were never ever really much fun...
    Then! Then! Then! A night's festivity! (when she meets a boy she ends up liking, and when the king and queen dies ;-;)
    Never had I seen a boy as cool as he!
    Red! Red! Red!
    Deep inside of me!
    It beat
    You see!
    And started to break free!
    (Here we go, hey!)
    I love, and I want to love,
    But, no, It's not allowed!
    It's not fair!
    I don't care!
    Just let me do what I want!
    Stop this!
    And quit that!
    You're making me freak out!
    You know what isn't cool?
    All these stupid rules!
    What to do with me and you to set this feeling free?
    This is think as I watch you behind a tree secretly!
    Can I really hide inside under lock and key?
    Neko girl I am though,
    Fall in love with me!

    1, 2, 3, 4,

    5, 6, 8, 10!

    Moonbeam Neko?
    Who, me?
    What 'cha saying?
    15 years yet an obvious Moonbeam Neko girl
    If I keep this up I won't get any jobs anymore...
    Hey! Hey!
    "Gatekeeper have you been working out?"
    "Maybe open up that door for little ol' me?"
    I can't even use thks face for my own good...haaa...
    A merchants daughter seeing me, (Liashia-San)
    With a "My! My! My!" came running to my side,
    Quietly with a smile she with a smile,
    "Oh, so that's why! We're rivals now, you and I!"

  • this is my version of a song called even yanderes need to love (idk if that was the actual name but thats what the title of the pmv said XD)

  • jmc: uhh what are you doing here? and who are you