The angel girl and The demon girl (the story of adda and annas rivalry)

  • There once was an angel..she ruled over the kingdom of life she was beautiful, her wings snow white, her eyes ocean blue, and a beautiful white dress with a belt of gold, she was loved by all...but in her shadow was her younger sister Annabelle she was a young demon girl who wasnt very loved by the kingdom of light so she was mostly in hell with her other sister annabella, with her twilight hair, dark purple eye, and her beautiful twilight black dress she was always thought of as beautiful by people in hell and some humans but the angels always looked down upon her because she always rejected there offers to make her an day anna went to the kingdom of life because she could no longe bein hell and adda was nice to her but the citizens hated her
    she became corrupted with anger and then oneday...she attacked adda and she was exiled to hell she could never leave and then....Then Lucifea came, she took control of Annabelle and Adda soon regreted what she done after she found out what happened...