An Rp story (aka how i came up with my oc and her back story)

  • So, I was on kids chat and I was doing an rp. And there was this user I dispised after this rp, he went by the username of Cain. Yes, that cain. And he told me my rp mother aka Isabella_Angel was possessed by a demon, and like an idiot I believed him, and so we made a deal(Isabella was pissed XD) and I got a mark on my wrist and a sword called the first sword. And so I confronted her and we got into a fight and my rp twin mimiku aka Annabella tried to stop me and I ended up killing her and in the end Isabella, and Annabella were dead and Cain ended up trying to kill me even though I was already dead and I will quote whathe said when I said I was already dead he said: "Dead but not destroyed" and In the end I wasn't destroyed so *cough * get wrecked Cain. And after I couldn't resurrect Isabella, and Annabella I killed myself via rp. Now heres how I came up with Annabelle: Isabella was on my friends list and she put out a post saying something like: who wants a mom? And i commented saying: me and mimiku did too, and so Isabella said, you two will be the twins Annabelle and Annabella and Im like oki and Lucifea was originally Demon Chan until I finally came up with a name for her XD

  • Also the rp where Isabella, and Annabella died made me cry irl