Elite 4 battles : 3

  • Me vs Sydney

    Me: Okay John. Let's have some fun! - sends out Swampert -

    John: - uses Hammer arm on Sydney's first Dark type and another 3 dark types and beats them 1 shot -
    Me: Time to spice things up! - mega evolves John -
    John: - beats Sydney's Absol with Hydro Pump -

    Me: Alright!

    Me vs Phoebe

    Me: Go! Super Absol! - sends out Absol -

    Super Absol: - uses Dark pulse or night slash on Phoebe's ghost types -
    Me: Now to bring out Absol's true potential! - mega evolves Super Absol -
    Super Absol: - beats Phoebe's Sableye with night slash -

    Me: Yes!

    Me vs Glacia

    Me: Go! Harlan! - sends out Kyogre -

    Harlan: - uses the blue orb to change form and get stronger, then beats Glacia's Pokémon with Origin pulse, Waterfall and Strength -

    Me: Hm, predictable

    Me vs Drake

    Me: Let's go Harlan!

    Harlan: - uses ice beam on Drake's Dragon types but 1 -
    Me: You did a good job. Now return! Go! John! - sends out Swampert -
    John: - beats Salamence with Hydro pump -

    Me: Now I need to stay focused on beating Steven.....