Sky Star Seven: Prologue

  • Nekomimi♪

    White leaves drift down from the rocky riverbank. Quick glimpses of sheer twilight catch on the surface of the water.

    "Its here! I can't even begin to wait! "

    A quiet, cheerful voice rings through the trees, as the surroundings teem wth life as the voice nears closer, rightfully belonging to this curious kitsune.

    "Oh-my-paw! do you even know what we are going to go do? Eek, I can barely see straight..."

    she turned around, almost breaking into a full tone of volume, and trailed off in her sentence.

    her small, muted-pink floof of a tail sways in the moonlight along with a happy jeer from this strange and lovely night she was exploring.

    her ears twitched and she yipped in delight as she dove head-first into the leaf pile.

    but to a surprised white rabbit close to the side of this kitsune, it seems like the talking was coming to an end, as it tried to hide nearby.

    the kitsune perked up from the leaves, looking quite alarmed and growled.
    she dropped to a crouch and quietly followed the rabbit, tracking the smell of its fur.

    looks like its had a few meals before crossing me, hmm?, she thought.

    she quickly leaped and caught onto the rabbit, her nails digging into its - side? wait a minute- !

    she looked up as the rabbit seemed to .. morph?.. in front of her. she let go and scrambled accross the dirt, tail between her legs in fear.

    she looked back around and was in surprised in how tall thecreature now infront of her stood. it seemed like another.. no, wait- impossible! shes the only one who could do that.. she shook her head.

    "Can you like.. Stop staring at me? You literally had your claws down my entire leg.."
    the rabbit girl said in a sassy tone, then proceeded to strectch and wince at the wound.

    oh no... im in trouble now... the kitsune nodded and was in shock. this WAS the rabbit she tried to eat!

    to be continued..

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  • could u make me a sad demon pfp pppplllleeeaaassseee dank u