Fate, chance, or destiny?

  • By fate,
    By chance,
    By night,
    By day,
    Please do not lead me astray,
    By destiny,
    By chance,
    May I please have one more dance?
    I hate being stuck in this trance,
    Chasing you,
    Looking for faith,
    I'm tied to you by the threads of fate,
    Is it fate?
    Or is it destiny?
    Could it be chance?
    Oh please just tell me!
    I have so many questions!
    Oh please just tell me!
    The song of fate,
    Plays away,
    The ballad of chance,
    Put you into a trance,
    The melody of destiny,
    Will take you away,
    On a journey,
    To find,
    Your true self.

  • ooooh fate! my specialty~

  • Stop making me feel insecure about how unique my talents are! On a serious note it's very good!


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