meh ship oc part5???(i think)

  • alice:-in head- so now that buns gone... how the fuck am i supposed to take care of the mother fucking bay?!?!?
    maddie: um alice?!? u have a baby?!
    alice: oh fuck
    souls: oh no-
    maddie: -trys to bit hers foot-
    alice: wtf man?!?
    souls: no no no no no no no no---
    maddie: -truns evil- hehe! -smiles yandere like-
    souls: um uh sooouuuullll!!! boother!!!
    maddie:-truns normal- ew not that prevert!!
    alice moon:mama?
    alice:um sure mom-
    alice moon: -giggles- mama!!
    soul: hey gu-
    souls: no!-punches in face-
    maddie: can i eat him??
    souls: i wish but no sadly
    alice: i miss moon bunny -crys-
    maddie: dont worry we all do -tear of blood-
    souls: i could just bring back her soul but u know i wasnt asked so i wont-
    alice: omfg pls pls pls pls plsss
    souls: k whtev -brings back her soul-
    moonbunny: hm? w-what happened?
    alice: bun!!
    souls:my ship has saaaiiillleeeeedddd!!!!
    maddie:-takes pic- cute
    alice moon: -smiles-
    moonbunny: aaawwww!!!
    alice: thats ur kid-
    moonbunny: the fu-
    part 6?


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