meh ship oc part 7 (last part)

  • about ten years later alice moon is 10 and the rest are 27 or 28-
    alice: to wht r we gnna do now?
    moonbunny: idk-
    alice: -sighs-
    maddi: well lets take a walk to the flowers fleid in the forest!
    souls: thats where u tried to killl all of us-
    soul: -cough- well idc where were going so whtever..
    alicw: sence when have u not cared!?
    alicemoon: im trying to calm down-
    moonbunny: u dont have to its wonderland u can freak out-
    maddie: welp flowers it is!
    -they all r now at the flowers fleid-
    maddie: -sits in flowers- see isnt it pretty?
    souls: very!
    moonbunny: wow live went by so fast..
    alicemoon: -slaps- no duh
    alice: boi did u just- XD
    souls: look at the coulds!
    soul: ; )
    maddie: frick u!!
    moonbunny: the mirrors saythat times almost up-
    alice: oh no-
    alicemoon: wht whts going on?-
    maddie: well- lets injoy or time we have right now!
    souls: yes indeed we should
    moonbunny: theres only 10 hours left guys..
    alice: -sighs- it was fun being here but my times up so ill miss u alll of u goodbye now-- -disapers into dust-
    souls: i have 10 hours to-
    maddie: id i have till..... now- well by then i will miss u two -disapers into dust-
    alicemoon: wht the heck- wheres mom?!
    moonbunny: well-- she's gone.... forever T_T
    alicemoon: w-wht?! -cries blood-
    maddie: no no pls dont cry-
    moonbunny: its ok alice moon
    alicemoon: r u sure???
    moonbunny: yes im sure!
    2 hours later
    alicemoon: w-whats happening?? whats going ooooonnn!!!! -truns to dust-
    moonbunny: -crys-
    maddie we have 1 hour left now-
    moonbunny: thats bad, no really bad
    maddie: -sighs- i see wht u mean..
    1 hour later cuz im lazy xd
    maddie: well times up ill miss u...
    moonbunny: me to....
    maddie: well goodbye
    moonbunny: goodbye
    -both trun to dust-
    the end hope u liked it