Sumihn's backstory pt 2

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    *6 years later at 12:00am *

    Mom: *is drunk and drinking vodka *

    Sumihin: You don't look them s-same...

    Mom: It's past your bed time!

    Sumihin: *mumbles * The blue and red lights are about to take you away...*she goes to her room and sighs * I hate to see you like a monster so I ran and hide..

    *3 days later *

    Sumihin: *at her dads new house with his new gf * I have a question..

    Dad: what?

    Sumihin: what was it like to leave me beihnd?

    *next day *

    Sumihin: *punches the wall * I-i won't be like them!

    Tumihin: Fighting back? You're fighting back the truth~

    Sumihin: Heh....Eyes like yours can't look away...Guess there's no fighting DNA...

    *a few weeks later *

    Tumihin: Why the hell did mom give fucking birth to you?!

    Sumihin: Not that she wanted to- She spread her legs and got pregnant

    Tumihin: Ugh! I wish that whore had never gotten pregnant!

    Sumihin: With you~

    Tumihin: *slaps her *

    Sumihin: *she sighs * I've had enough of you...*she grabs a knife *

    (clifhanger >:3)


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