souls back story

  • souls4y/o: mother... h-hello..
    mom 30y/o: -drunk- u r the maid not the kid! -slaps-
    souls4y/o: -falls- y-yes mam'
    soul 5y/o: r-r u ok?!
    souls4y/o: better then ever..
    soul5y/o: when ur all alone in ur room its not that to fell so small or even exist at all..
    souls4y/o: so how come noone heard me when isaid maybe im better of dead!
    soul5y/o: -crys-- p-pls dont..
    mom: -drunk- u bth will be of u dont start cleaning!!
    souls4y/o: y-yes mother
    -after cleaning-
    souls4y/o: -sighs-
    souls4y/o: d-done cleaning m-mother..
    mom: -drunk- -,- clean more!
    soul5y/o: mom! stop! she's only 5!!
    mom: -drunk- then u can leave to!
    -she throw them out of the house if i get 6 comments part2- oh and btw im leaving in 3 days and will be back in a week

  • I'm alive and surviving Covid19

    this is good, pt2 please-


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