Annabelle's backstory (Updated, reposted for Fishie)

  • 15 Y/O Annabelle: *walks down stairs * Hi mom!

    Isabella(the mom): Hi sweetie, whatcha need?

    15 Y/O Annabelle: Well...I was wondering what we were going to do for my birthday tomorrow

    Isabella: Ah my wonderful daughte's sweet 16...I wanna make it extra special for you honey!

    John(her dads spirit): Haha...You sure did raise Annabelle well

    Isabella: *jumps a little and turns around * John! You scared me!

    John: Sorry dear, hey Anna..

    15 Y/O Annabelle: Yeah dad?

    John: I-i won't be able to be at your birthday party...The angels are attacking hell again..And I have to protect it

    15 Y/O Annabelle: O-oh...Ok!

    Isabella: Will you need help?

    John: N-no you're an angel...The other demons will think you're gonna hurt them..

    *the next day *

    Isabella: *looks around and sees Cain * ?! What is he doing here?!

    Murió: *pulls Isabella to the side to talk to her *

    Cain: *sees Annabelle * hm...*goes to her * Hello, you seem very..Unique young one

    Annabelle: Huh? Oh uh thanks

    Cain: So...I heard you wanted to help your mother correct?

    Annabelle: Y-yes I do...I-i'd do anything to take away this curse she bears...

    Cain: Anything huh?

    Annabelle: ...Y-yes...

    Cain: Give me your soul in exchange for an instant healing of your mother

    Annabelle: ...F-fine

    Cain: *he takes her soul and gives her a sword * Your mother is possessed by a demon , the only way to save her is by killing her with the first sword, (LIES LIES YOU FOUL) you'll kill the demon and save your mother

    Annabelle: *takes and sword and shakily goes to Isabella *

    Isabella: Oh hi swe- A-anna..? W-w-why do you have that sword?!?!

    Annabelle: I-i'm going to save you mom..

    Isabella: S-s-save me?!

    Annabelle: *she uses the sword to stab her in the heart *

    Isabella: *falls to her knees and dies *

    Annabella: ANNA! *she tries to jump on her back and bite her *

    Annabelle: *pushes her off and she hits the brick wall of their house *

    *5 minutes later *

    Annabelle: Why aren't they waking up..? D-did I a-actually just kill them?! *she starts to cry and tries to heal them but ti no avail * M-mommy..A-annabella...I-if I c-can't bring you to life...Then I'll join you *she uses the sword to kill herself and Cain's mark appear on her wrist *

    (She is half dead and she ended up in hell but after she escaped se met new people and made friends blah blah blah etc etc etc you get the gist, and yes she is a demon neko obviously as frick)

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  • this is so good, will there be a pt 2?

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  • nice! i like the characters; really good origin story