How breack level max, please

  • Hi ! ^^

    I'm a french gamer and I really want to know if it possible to breack level max.

    My main character's got his level 20, an he pass that limit, if yes how ?

    Thanks a lot ^^,


  • English User

    the other if your not at 4 stars is the limit break area use the stones of same element then hit the use button the price goes up drastically with each time pending on character rarity N-SR SR's being the most expensiveat almost or over 200,000 coins so save up your coins mate

  • English User

    if your referring to +1-?? you must either use a carbincle of harmony or carbincle of the same element vita and so on or use a spare of the character your lvling up if they're already at they're normal max you can only use the carbincles or the character of same name to upgrade them for +max hope this answered what you where asking


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