Satsujin's Melody (Inspired by Painted Smile)

  • I cannot recall,
    What happened,
    A demon on my shoulder,
    Then everything became hazy,
    Deadly Urges,
    Making my consious fade away,
    Ripping through the last bit of my sanity,
    I'm just a vessel of my former self,
    And you will become hell bound,
    Because I will soon end you,
    I hope that you have realized,
    There is no escaping till you die,
    Close your eyes,
    Just be quiet for me sweete~
    Hiding under your bed,
    I'll cut you open,
    Yes you should fear me,
    Yes I know,
    I am deranged
    But it's you who's slowly going insane!
    Lion and prey,
    A lovely sight,
    Staring at the Xs on my eyes,
    Come on,
    Let's play for a while,
    Just play nice,
    Sugar and spice,
    Just don't think twice.


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