TLOZ Theory

  • So, I know this is something I've never posted about but I've benn thinking about this so on with the theory.

    So, as some of us who have played TLOZ Twilight Princess know, Twilight Princess is supposed to be based after the events of Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask. So I was thinking, I already know Saria is possibly the great fairy in T.P but what if the villagers (the adults and young adults such as Link, Fido, etc) of Ordon village are the little children you are around in the beginning of Ocarina of Time all grown up? Because in a cutscene it show Ganon getting executed for tricking the Races and the rulers of hyrule and for something else he did in Ocarina of Time, (ok look I haven't played all of Ocarina of Time so if any of the O.O.T facts are wrong I'm sorry) but he ended up escaping and killing one of the Spirits/Guardians who were executing him, and yes I know if O.O.T Zelda has blonde hair and in T.P she has brown, but it is possible for blonde hair to turn brown as the person gets older, and in T.P Zelda is in her 20s.

    So, what is your opinion on this theory? I would love to hear your feedback in either the comments or my DMS if you want to share. =^.^=

  • @Fish-Chan its ok

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