7 Years (Emery cover)

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    Once I was 10 years old my big brother told me,
    "Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely",
    Once I was 10 years old,
    It was a big world,
    But we thought we were bigger,
    Pushin' people to their limits,
    I was learnin' quicker,
    By 13 buying Weed,
    And drinking burnin' sake,
    Never rich,
    So I was out to get that steady figure,
    Once I was 13 years old,
    My mommy told me,
    "Go get yourself a man or you'll be lonely",
    Once I was 13 years old,
    I always had that dream,
    Like my momma before me,
    So I began writing songs,
    Started preforming at sold out arenas,
    Just something about that glory,
    It always felt so gory,
    Because only the ones I love are the ones that really know me,
    Once I was 20 years old,
    My story got told,
    Before the morning sun when life was lonely,
    Once I was 20 years old,
    I only see the light,
    I don't believe in failure,
    Because I know even the smallest voice can make anything major,
    I got my team with me,
    At least the ones in favor,
    And when I leave I hope I see ya later..

  • The Midnight Assassins☆

    @The-Toilet-Bound thaaank you

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