Even Kunoichis Need Love (New, Hopefully Noncringe, FLDD Cover)

  • Math class?
    Meh I'll skip another!
    Bye! bye!
    It's been weeks yet I know nothing about this hero thing...
    Ms. Lali, not a single thing makes sense in all of this...
    (Yes! yes!)
    Mommy always said this to me;
    "Being a hero girl means you have to work hard!",
    With that said,
    My younger days were never really much fun..
    Then! Then! Then!
    A Tokyo festivity!
    Never have I seen a boy as cute as he!
    Red! Red! Red!
    Deep inside of me!
    My heart beats,
    You see,
    It started to break free!
    (Here we go, hey!)
    I love, and wanna love!
    But, no, I'm not allowed!
    It's not fair,
    I don't care,
    Please just let me do what I want!
    "Stop this!" and "Quit that!",
    You're making me freak out!
    You know what isn't cool?
    All these stupid rules!
    (Yep dis really gon be cannon)
    What to do with you and me to set this feeling free?
    This I think as we walk through the streets!
    Can I really hide inside inder lock and key?
    Bad hero, I am though, please fall in love with me!
    (Ok I know I ain't the only one geting MHA vibes, right?)
    Who me?
    Whatcha saying?
    After all this training I can't even Infiltrate their base..
    I can't get better,
    How can I even help?
    (Operation Flirt!)
    Oh hey, gatekeeper,
    Have you been working out?
    Can you open up that door there for little ol' me?
    Oh geez,
    Why isn't it working?!
    I can't even use my voice for my own good..
    A red (red team) girl,
    Seeing me in doubt,
    With a;
    "My! My! My!",
    She came prancing to my side,
    Quietly she whispered wih a smile;
    "Oh so, that's why we're rivals now you and I!"
    (1, 2, 3, 4,)
    I love, and wanna love,
    But, enemies are always near!
    Wanna slice thm all,
    With a slce,
    I'll be done!
    Stop there!
    Right there!
    Get away from him!
    You know what isn't cool?
    All these stupid rules!
    What to do?
    I can't be excused for feeling how I feel!
    Under your bed,
    I will be in,
    Just to come out and stab you in the heart!
    (ok sheesh, calm down Kiyama-)
    Can I really hide inside, and under lock and key?
    Great hero, I am now, please love me!
    (Le texting break lol)
    Suddenly came a text message written to me,
    I-in suprise,
    My eyes couldn't believe what I saw!
    Seek out an kill,
    Shamu was my target like any other,
    How could it be?!
    Why was it she?!
    My mind was runing whild with joy!
    What do I do?
    I never knew that I'd ever get to kill my rival!
    (Well duh-)
    But if I failed,
    On the job,
    I knew it would be my end!
    I finally know now!
    What I must do...
    Made up...
    MY MIND~!
    (Oh shait- someone needs therapy-)
    I love,
    and wanna love!
    And finally I can!
    This is the fate that my life is destined to pursue!
    Life is going how I want!
    Underneath the blood moon,
    I know the time is soon!
    Flaming butterflies,
    (this isnt what will happenin teh series btw)
    Flipping walls,
    And I appear before you now!
    Oh happy night!
    I have hidden,
    Set me free!
    Corrupted hero, I may be, fall in love with me!
    Fall in love with me,
    Fall in love with me,
    Fall in love with me,
    Corrupted hero, time to love in my corrupted way!

    (Satsujin: Well...that was something..)

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