The Angel and The Demon (Love Story, made by me)

  • (This story contains LGBTQ, if you don't like that or find it disgusting, I'm sorry, you dont have to read this, also Five Lives Don't Die is on a hiatus at the moment because I'm out of ideas.)

    Once upon a time...There was an angel, her name was Adriana, she was a miserable and unhappy angel, though she always had a smile...Until one day, on July 1st 2028, and her partner, Katherine, were on patrol at heavens gates...Adriana had on a rainbow pride pin on that she got from earth, Katherine looked over to her with widened eyes and a slightly upset expression then said, "Adri, why are you wearing that and where did it come from?" Adriana felt hesitant ane scared to answer, but, she replied with, "W-well...A-a human friend gave it to me, a-and i-it is July on earth, s-so I heard these were t-trendy during July" Katherine said in aggervated tone, "This "pride" thing is a sin you know? Daddy always told me it's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve..." Adriana sighed and looked at Katherine in the eyes, "Kathie..I need to tell you something" she took Katherines hand and went to a place where they could not be heard. Katherine said with a confused look, "Adri, what is it?" Adriana sighed and said "K-kathie, you won't hate me or rat me out r-r-right?" Katherine nodded. "W-well h-here it goes...I-i'm a lesbian!" Katherine instantly got a look that said "holy shit!" and said to Adriana, "Adri, I'm fine with being your friend no matter what sex you date you know. I'll keep it on the low for you, k?" Adriana began to cry and hugged Katherine, Katherine hugged back then noticed someone that was listening then whispered to Adriana, "Run, there's someone listening!" Adriana let go of Katherine then tried to fly off but then someone grabbed her wing. "Mind repeating what you said to Katherine to make sure if I heard you correctly? ADRIANA!" Adriana began to shake then turned her head around to see a big male angel. "G-g-gregory?! L-l-let me go! You heard n-nothing!" Gregory sighed at her and frowned, "Look, Adriana I don't want to do this but I'm going to hae to send you to earth permanently, as a fallen angel" Katherine immediately ran to Adriana and exclaimed at Gregory saying, "NO! IF YOU SEND HER TO EARTH YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO SEND ME WITH HER GREGORY!!!" Gregory shrugged, "Oh Ive wanted you gone, so I'll definitely do that "Lady Katherine" " He snapped his fingers and they both began to fall from the sky.

    End of part 1

    (If you want to see what happens next please say so, this is a story of mine I've wanted to tell for a while so if you want I wouldn't mind hearing your feedback, thank you and goodbyee!)

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