Five Lives Don't Die (Episode 7 Before pt 2, Slight swearing involved)

  • Meno: *listening to a song on her phone and walking down the school halls then sees Alistor being held back by security * DA FAQ- OH HELL NAWW TO DA NA NAW NAW NWWW *runs * HELL TO THE NAW HELL TO THE NAWW TO THE NAW NAW NAWWW

    Meanwhile in the nurses office

    Dan's Mind

    She's still out, I hope she's ok...I can feel a pulse though so I believe she's fine...

    Normal/Readers POV

    Tae: *starts to wake up * Nng...*notices that Dan is holding her and turns bright red * e-e-eh?! S-s-senpai?! o//////o

    Dan: ?! Tae! Are you ok?

    Tae: *shyly nods * M-mhm

    Meno: *yeets herself into the nurse office and sees them * OwO ship?

    Tae: ;////; I'ma just go back to sleep *goes back to sleep in Dans arms *

    Meno: Yep definitely a ship

    Dan: Who are you?

    Meno: New student, I just joined yesterday. I'm in Mr. Frederick's class as my homeroom.

    Dan: Hey, so am I!

    Meno: Who was the guy with the gun being held back by security?

    Dan: To be honest, I don't know...

    In the hallway

    Alistor: *breaks free fom the security guys hold and runs off * YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE STUPID FREAKERS!

    Back to teh nurse office

    Meno: So is that your girlfriend? *lenny face *

    Dan: I-i guess y-you could say t-that, s-she's my Valentine

    Meno: I can tell by the chocolates on the bed

    Dan: *blushes * O-oh yeah

    Tae: *nuzzles Dan in her sleep *

    Dan: ;///;

    Meno: *takes a jullo rancher out of her pocket and eats it * Num num~

    Dan: Did you get any chocolate from anyone?

    Meno: No, but I bought my own bag though

    Dan: Oh, ok


    Meno: *walking home *

    Alistor: *also walking *

    Meno: *looks up and sees Alistor then stops * Hey

    Alistor: *Stops * Oh uh...Hey

    Meno: Why were you being held back by security guards earlier...?

    Alistor: ..I'd...Rather not say

    Meno: Ok, well I'm Meno

    Alistor: Alistor, nice to meet you

    Meno: I should be going soon, but if you want we can hang out tomorrow!

    Alistor: Ok, sure. Bye.

    (End of ep 7, sorry for such the long wait everyone)

  • @Smart-Kittey thanks

  • @Anna-chan it's cool, and honestly awesome episode

  • @Smart-Kittey Sorry it took so long for ep 7

  • exactly what i'd do- sadly


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