Five Lives Don't Die (Episode 8 Shi vs. ??? Part 1/3)

  • Back in the virtual world at the base

    Kiyama: *slams and locks the door shut then lays in the fetal position on the floor * I don't wanna go to warrrrrrrrrrr

    Shi: *hugs Kiyama *

    Skie: *cough * Eye's on the board love birds!

    Kiyama: Love b-birds?!

    Shi: I got a girlfriend though

    Kiyama: Yeah and I got a boyf-

    Skie: Anyway! So, the creator in the real world has been diagnosed with stage four heart cancer, and he is leaving it up to one of the teams to take rule. So he made this tournament, us, the blue team must win, because the red team only wants chaos and war for this world. We want peace-

    ???: *loudly banging on the door * LEMME IN LEMME IN!

    Skie: *goes to the door an opens it * Yes?

    ???: *runs in and shuts the door * I ALMOST GOT BLEWN THE FRICK UP BY AN INSANE BUNNY!

    Kiyama: Er...Who are you?

    ???: Glitch, you?

    Kiyama: Kiyama-san :3

    Glitch: Nice to meet you

    Shi: I'm Shi!

    Glitch: Hi Shi

    Skie: Welp...Who's going out first?

    Alex: *gets off Kiyama and turns human * Wouldn't it be better for an all out attack?

    Skie: No. Let's send......Shi! Shi you're going out first!

    Shi: Ok, sounds fair

    Kiyama: Don't die ;-; *hugs Shi *

    Shi: I won't, I promise

    Kiyama: yay :3

    *about 30 minutes later *

    Shi: *freezes a robot then breaks it *

    ???: *sends a black pillar of ice towards Shi and hits him in the back knocking him down *

    Shi: Ow! N-nng...*gets up and turns around *

    ???: It's geen a while, hasn't it...DANIEL?

    *To be continued

  • @Smart-Kittey Thanks :3

  • Well coolio, (nice ep. btw) but dang im hyped for next episode


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