Five Lives Don't Die Character Info (Shi and Alex) (Woohoo 241 XD)

  • Shi

    Age: 18

    D.O.B: 9/26/14

    Weapon: When he doesn't use ice magic he uses a silver broad sword

    Bff: Glitch

    Crush/Lover: (Real world) Tae (Little do you know Shi-)

    Enemy: Kuro

    Personality: Usually always happy, a happy go lucky like person, pretty hard to make angry . Very nice. Jokester

    Status/Reputation: Liked by many, hated by some

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    How he looks: Light red hair, light gray zip up hoodie, light bue t-shirt, black kackis, white converse shoes, ocean blue eyes, (°⌒w°⌒) silver helix piercing on his right ear

    Fun fact: He can turn into a kitsune at will


    Age: 11 (boi you too youngggg--)

    D.O.B: 6/2/2020 (the cursed year XD)

    Weapon: Heavy chain and a knife

    Bff: Moon

    Crush/Lover: None yet

    Enemy: None

    Personality: Kawaii yet dark, short tempered, easlily gets upset, kinda an asshole at times

    Status/Reputation: Pretty normal

    Sexuality: Closeted Gay, but claims to be Asexual

    How he looks: Black hair, gray eyes, light green sweater oversized sweater, dark gray shorts, dark green boots

    Fun fact: He loves Steven Universe

  • @Subaru-kun Yesh, yesh he is

  • Re:Zero

    oooo that shi character is amazing! :3


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