The Date, Fldd Skit

  • Weebapocalypse

    Glitch: Dude, I can't believe you told her about Kira

    Shi: What? I told you

    Glitch: So?--

    Shi: Hey, what about this outfit? *snaps his fingers and a outfit shiro from ngnl appears on him *

    Glitch: No, have you ever thought that Kiyama could be using you?

    (Kiyama disagrees wih that notion)

    Shi: She gave me a clue, maybe I'm the one using her

    (Every freaking one disagrees with that notion)

    Shi: Anyway...Should I go more Scary? *Alucard outfit appears on him *

    Glitch: No

    Shi: Punk? *punk outfit appears on him *

    Glitch: No

    Shi: *a Sebastian from Black Butler outfit appears on him * Sebastian?

    Glitch: No

    Shi: Does it look like I'm trying too hard?

    Glitch: Yes!! Listen to yourself! You have a massive cyber crush on this girl! She's hacking your heart to get to your head!

    Shi: I got it! *a Subaru from Re:Zero outfit appears on him *

    Glitch: Subaru?

    Shi: Yesh~!

    Glitch: Really? You're dressing up as the main character from your favorite anime? Don't be that guy!

    Shi: *relaxed shrug * I am that guy

    Glitch: Shi, you gotta be more careful about who you meet in the oasis

    Shi: Glitch, Kiyama gets me dude :3

    Glitch: She can be a dude too dude!

    Shi: *scoff * cmon

    Glitch: I'm serious! She could actually be a 300 pound dude livin' in his moms basement in suburban detroit! And her name is chuck!

    Shi: Nyot true ;-;

    Glitch: Think about that

  • Weebapocalypse

    btw this skit was based off of a ready player one scene, but it was edited

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