Scars (Dark) (Personal)

  • As I'm struck by your ruthless tounge
    Your outstretched arm about to strike me again
    My back; you try to lunge
    I still have scars from that old bunge

    I still say I'm fine
    But I'm tired o' lyin'
    Just let me go back to cryin'

    I'm just a tired child
    Who got happy way too quickly
    And then went wid
    My imagination... it changed my perception
    It sugar-coated your ill will

    You bite me with your words
    Your words of hurt; the ones that hate me
    Those words still say they love me
    (Nothing is as it seems)
    You still say you haven't had enough of me

    I really just wanna be alone...
    Not with you; over the phone
    The weight of your words break my every bone

    So I'm gonna go back under my rock
    Where I can keep my heart under key and lock
    Where you wont gutpunch me
    This is the place where I can flee
    This is happy

    Our relationship is like Laury and Jeanie
    Like me and [REDACTED]
    Whenever I said I love you it was a lie
    Because I was afraid of consequence
    But you were afraid of my confidence

    The crack of the whip made me stutter
    your false promises to stop were as slick as butter
    You said it was what I deserved
    And it was
    And it was
    But should you be my punisher?
    (All I wanted to do was love her)
    (I-I didn't mean to hurt her)
    But you did
    (What she did was her decision)
    If you didn't exist she would still be alive
    Am I right?
    (... Yes.)

    I am guilty to all the crimes
    I put the thought in her head
    But she shot the lead
    She is the reason she is dead

    I feel pain as her blood screams for my conviction
    It makes me want to drink a ton
    I guess I'll shoot up with some heroin

    I tried to recreate her
    To make myself feel better
    But it only realigned the fact you cant run from murder
    But Jennifer... I'm sorry for what I did
    How I couldn't help you...
    I guess I'll take credit for my murder too
    *gunshot *
    ~By FishieFriend of the MNX/32k

  • @Anna-chan yeah... kinda is

  • dark af though

  • ok damn dude, this is good