Momo's Backstory (New oc)

  • July 21st 2015, Shibua, Japan

    Momo: *walking home from school alone on her phone texting a friend on Discord *

    Friend (via Discord): Hey, since your so bored all the time, how about making Twitch streams?

    Momo: I don't know...I'm not much of a gamer honestly

    Friend: How about a YouTube streamer? You can do anything on those

    Momo: Well...Ok, I'll be a V-Tuber

    Friend: That's an awesome idea!

    *Later that day *

    Momo: *sets up her channel as SakiGasu2002 and starts a SpeedPaint stream *

    *Three years later *

    Momo: *makes a dare stream *

    In the comments

    Zero019: I dare you to run in traffic

    Momo: E-er...W-w-well ok... *leaves her house and while holding her phone she runs through the traffic with the V-Tuber mode off *

    Driver: *almost hits her but swirves *

    Momo: *runs out of traffic and onto the sidewalk *

    *2 hours later *

    La_san28: I dare you to walk on train tracks

    Momo: *extremely frightened * ...

    Half the comment section: Do it! Do it! Do it!

    Other Half of the comment section: No, dont! Do something else!

    Momo: F-f-fine, I-i'll do it *goes to subway station *

    Other half of the comment section: Go home! You'll die!

    Momo: *holds phone tightly and walks on the train tracks *

    *5 minutes later *

    Momo: I-i should get off, I think I hear a train *starts walking back *

    Subway Train: *not seeing her it hits her at full speen killing her *

    The whole comment section: *is dead silent with shock *

    GoldenHatashi: U-umi...

    La_san28: I-i didn't know she'd die

    Zero019: What the fuck did I just witness...


    (She became an angel, got kicked out of heaven, and s now a fallen angel who is friends with a 6 y/o boy and a 15 y/o girl named Hatashi)

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  • dark, ngl.