So, about my next short story

  • Which should I do?

    1. Continue The Angel and The Demon [Drama]

    2. (new) Ghost Boyfriend [Wholesome, Romance]

    3. (new) Swapped! [Comedy]

  • idk

  • @Anna-chan Swapped!

  • So uh, here's an overview of 2 and 3...

    2, Ghost Boyfriend.

    This story begins when a female tries jumping off a roof of a building, but her boyfriend sees her and while tryig to catch her, he falls along with her. The female ends up surviving but the male died on impact. One day when the female had gotten home from the hospital and was up till 12:00am, she had went to her balcony and to her surprise she felt something tap her shoulder, it was her boyfriend but as a ghost. in this story the girl begins to live her life with her boyfriend, as a ghost. (I came up with this on the day before Halloween, so that's why it's kinda dark in the beginning but it gets more wholesome later)

    (Might I add that both of these involved couples-)

    3, Swapped!

    In this story, it starts on a normal night in September...A teenage couple were doing a video chat at about 2:00am, they had went to bed normally, but when they woke up...They were in the other's body! The female in the male's body, and the male in the female's body, for a whole week they must live the others life in this comedy. (Or is it more of a rom-com? I don't even know anymore-)

  • ghost bf!

  • @Anna-chan SWAPPED!! (ill let other people vote so my vote doesn't decide cuz its first)