Gold & Silver Element heroes, will we EVER GET THEM???????

  • So, as we all know , only 10 of the 12 subelements exist in the game, and we know of two more that have yet been released for us to enjoy: Silver and Gold.

    As far as we can tell, our main character must be of the Silver (Fate) element, and alot of us would love to be able to receive him as a playable character, I know I would LOL

    BUT, who could be of the Gold subelement??? as far as enemies, I know one of the Captains of the Hero Army is a Gold subelement ( The Hammer Wielder ), but I also feel that Phantom could fit as a Gold subelement as well, if not he could fit as a White Vita subelement too, but I would Love if he ever is brought back to physical form an is a Gold Sub element 😮

    Do you think we'll ever receive these last two subelements, or will they remain a legend ???